Edward Donato AKA Eduardus Donatella (TM)

The son of a missionary father, Edward Donato practiced photography as an adolescent by documenting missionary work in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. He continued to photograph theological missions into adulthood and pursued the ministry himself; completing the seminary before turning to photography full-time.

The Los Angeles native has also directed commercials, music videos and feature film. With twenty years experience and exhibitions worldwide, his main focus is photography. The photographer continues to live and work in LA, from his studio Downtown and on location. He also enjoys spending time with his family and restoring vintage English motorcycles.

Edward Donato's aka Eduardus Donatella's (TM) black & white photography evokes nostalgia, both pleasurable and troublesome. The contained images emerge at odds with the history they seem to represent. In these works, familiar elements mark human relationships with morality and the natural world. Sometimes bleak and sometimes fanciful, these images actively disturb the expected balances of light and dark. Such photographic investigations result, in part, from the artist's continuing reflections of his upbringing and religious training. A conflicted, and perhaps somewhat surrealist, perspective is brought to bear on worlds otherwise so clearly defined.

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The photographs are created using a large format 4x5 Cambo Monorail camera with a series of Carl Ziess lenses. Once the camera negative is exposed, it's then hand developed, processed and quickly dried; to leave stains or chemical residue on the negative. Any scrapes or scratches on the negative are made by hand. Sometimes the negative is cut or even sanded. It's then washed and dried again. Then the negative is placed nto a high resolution digital scan, to create a composite image. The composite image is then reproduced into a 4x5 negative and hand printed to 16x20.